Corporate Responsibility

Pebblebrook’s continued commitment to delivering long-term, industry-leading total returns to shareholders has led us to formalize an authentic Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy. Our holistic approach to sustainability encompasses Environmental Responsibility, Social Engagement and inclusive and ethical corporate governance. Our ESG strategy was not only established to reduce our ‘footprint’ and to create a sustainable environment for our employees and vendors but also to help bolster our overall business strategy – redeveloping out-of-touch properties into lifestyle branded hotels. To meet this aim, we have blended lifestyle branding into our ESG strategies including investing over $13,000,000 in efficiency projects since 2016 and committing to the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AHLA) 5-Star promise on sexual harassment and assault, among others. Pebblebrook takes its commitments seriously. While we rely on our major branded hotel operators to drive sustainability in their hotels that we own, going forward we plan to undertake a more proactive approach to supporting our independent and third party operators in numerous initiatives over the short-term to position our company as an ESG leader in the US lodging sector.

Environmental Sustainability & Social Responsibility Report 2019

2019 Sustainability Report Cover
Environmental Sustainability & Social Responsibility Report 2019

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee Charter

Environmental Sustainability Policy